Eastern Bluebird

Source: http://www.fotopedia.com/items/flickr-5719910403

Wild Bird Rehabilitation Mission

Wild Bird Rehabilitation, Inc.is a 501(c) nonprofit tax-exempt organization. Our mission is to give the best possible care to injured, sick and orphaned wild birds and to release those birds back intotheir natural habitat. All donations to the organization are tax deductable.

Serving the St. Louis, MO Community

Wild Bird Rehabilitation is one of four private wildlife rehabilitation organizations in the St. Louis metropolitan area. We are the only facility admitting and caring for wild songbirds and other small birds in the eastern half of Missouri. For those finding injured or orphaned birds, we are the only resource in the area. We have a commitment to the St. Louis community. Maintaining a strong organization in a position to sustain its mission is part of our commitment.

Not in Missouri?

Visit the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association to find a resource near you.

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